Evaluation Of A Educational Institution

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Education is always in a constant state of flux. Consequently, new laws and rulings occur frequently. Every educational institution has guidelines that they must follow. My educational institution has identified several areas in which school improvements were made. The first measure that is in place is that we will communicate regularly to our stakeholders information in regards to the strategic plan, planning process, and any results achieved by implementing the plan. The second measure is that we will provide opportunities to provide input for our strategic planning for growth and improvement. My educational institution was somewhat successful in regards to the first measure, but about forty percent of parents stated that they had not been informed of the strategic plan, planning process, and results .We communicated with stakeholders and assigned a point of contact. The stakeholders seemed to like the point of contact implementation. This process could be improved by changing the delivery of communication, implementing mandatory quarterly meetings, and ensuring that we have updated and accurate contact information for parents. The means of communication could be improved by sending text blasts as well as emails to parents. At the quarterly meetings, information could be distributed. The second measure was somewhat successful as well. We did have stakeholder participation, but not a lot. We only had three stakeholders that regularly participated with planning and
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