Evaluation Of A Employee Evaluation System

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Introduction The company has an evaluation system that is not meeting the organizational objectives or developing the employees. Problems have arisen with the current evaluation reporting system because rating officials are too generous when evaluating employees. The organization’s employee evaluation format does not force the rating officials to be honest when evaluating their employee’s potential and performance. Rating officials are not trained on rating techniques and don’t provide quality feedback and establish employee goals that align with the organizational goals of the company. Poorly administered evaluations can undermine employee morale and be used by disgruntled employees against employers in litigation (Woodford & Doyle,…show more content…
Additionally redesigning the evaluation form will help develop personnel by establishing clearly defined individual goals and company goals that align with the organizational goals. Feedback is necessary for this process to work. Employees should not be surprised when they receive their annual performance evaluation because they have clearly identified goals that they must meet and have received at least semi-annual feedback on the progress towards these goals. When everyone is supposedly doing a fantastic job it makes it challenging to determine who the true standouts are for promotions and recognition. Opponents of evaluations systems argue that evaluations lead to higher turnover rates and added discontentment of supervisors and managers who loathe the time, paperwork and discomfort that accompany the evaluation process (Woodford & Doyle, 2011). These challengers must be reminded of the purpose of evaluations, they are used to reward, recognize, and compensate employees who perform well. Summary of Problems with the Current Evaluation System During the research on the importance of a successful evaluation system several problems with our current system were identified. It seems most organizations face the same basic challenges of communication, lack of supervisor training, and competing requirement being the biggest challenge. Below are the
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