Evaluation Of A Evaluation Policy Evaluation

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Trochim (2009) provided in depth information on policy evaluation. He focused on the importance of evaluation policy role in regards to principles that an organization or group use to make decisions and actions when doing evaluation. The author argued that the one challenge that organization lack when engaging in evaluation is transparency of evaluation policies. By not disclosing their evaluation policies it can not be replicated or understood by new organization members. In addition, creates a way for organizations to make up policies without getting feedback about evaluation best practices. Trochim (2009) noted that evaluation policies are important to communicate mechanism on what evaluation should be done, what resources expended and how they they should be accomplished. He further noted that it is important to show who is responsible for the development. He also introduced a evaluation policy model, which highlighted the interaction of different types of evaluation policies, structures and principles. deLeon (1983) this week also explained the concepts of policy evaluation, which is a multidisciplinary approach of the policy process. He also explained the role it has on program termination. However, the author argued there is an integration of evaluation and termination that has occurred in many programs. He further highlighted that these two frameworks are essential in the policy process. There are several motivating factors that the author suggested that can lead to
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