Evaluation Of A Functional Assessment And A Potential Behavior Support Plan

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Student Information Student: Isiah Hoyte D.O.B: 02/17/2008 Gender: Male School Year: 2015-2016 Age: 8 School: Oniondale Union Free School District Meeting Information Date: 8/29/2015 Participants: M. Parker, Guidance Counselor, B. Michael, Social worker, Parent, D. Shaw Principal, S. Roberts, Behavioral Consultant, Classroom Teachers; D. Chemnitz and C. Ragusa This meeting is being held to plan for the assessment of Isiah Hoyte. We will go over the target behaviors as reported by school staff and parent. We will go over records, data collection, the purpose of an FBA, and go over goals for the intervention. The purpose of a functional assessment operationally defines behaviors of concern, identifies events that may trigger the…show more content…
Ms. Hoyte and the school district wanted the assessment to better understand Isiah’s academic and emotional functioning and to assist in his educational planning. Ms. Hoyte provided the following information during interviews with Branford A. Michael social worker at The Oniondale Union Free School District. Isiah is an 8 year old boy who lives with his mother. He sees his father regularly. Ms. Hoyte described Isiah as a funny, sweet, and helpful boy, who gets along with his parents. Ms. Hoyte reported she does not have concerns with his behavior at home. Isiah has poor self-esteem and he has some difficulty separating from his mother. She also indicated that he has a short attention span. Isiah’s teachers indicated that Isiah displays a weakness in reading, writing, and mathematics. Although Isiah’s reading and spelling are weak he enjoys writing. Isiah’s academic progress has reportedly been affected by disruptive and oppositional behaviors, as well as lack of attention to task. Isiah’s behaviors are inconsistent; his moods are susceptible to change and are influenced by a combination of internal and external factors. Going through all the provided information I have before me the target behaviors I would like to address. Target Behaviors must be carefully and completely defined in observable and measurable terms. Well-written target behavior definitions are necessary in order to accurately and reliably measure behavior and to
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