Evaluation Of A Good Performance Management System Essay

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In order for a good performance management system to work every employee in the organization needs to understand what is expected of them, are focused on work that supports organizational goals and priorities. Organizations need to make sure that employees are properly rated and acknowledged for their contributions; and employees should know how their performance will be measured. It is a good idea for employees to participate in developing their performance objectives so that there is a mutual understanding of expectations from the beginning. Performance plans, including performance objectives are approved once managers have reviewed them and the plans are communicated to employees. Every performance management plan should be relevant and include measures that matter to the organization and clearly relate to the activity being measured. Measures should be understandable, clear, concise, and easy to comprehend, this includes the language used and the technical aspects of the measure such as the scale used in charts or selection of performance targets. Timely measures have statistics accessible frequently enough to have value in making decisions. Comparable measures have enough information to tell if performance is getting better, worse or staying about the same, they also provide a frame of reference or context to tell if current performance is meeting or exceeding expectations. Measures must be dependable have information that is supportable, free from bias, and an
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