Evaluation Of A Good Practice Guide

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Section 1: Overview This Good Practice Guide is here to advise and help those in the homecare industry, specifically those who are looking after the elderly and have a disability also end of life care. Looking at barriers to then the perceptions of those elderly people who have disabilities. Whether that disability may be physical or mental such like dementia, stroke victims, or age related issues like walking. It will also relate to those working in end of life care, advising how to improve their service delivery. The main purpose of this good practice guide is to be an aid to those in this industry, enabling the user of this guide to have an understanding of those who they are caring for. It will be discussing how society and other differing factors can influence the life of an elderly disabled person also the availability of the different services that can be accessed in order to create a good quality of life for this service user. From this going on to exploring the barriers that may come between the user and these services, and how they can be overcome and showing more inclusive features. Finally this guide will explore the different perceptions and the infantilisation of disability, including exploring oppression and discrimination. Then going on to give an idea of different things that you can do to give the service user a better quality of life. As people are living longer, the service which provides care has become vital. In relation to end of life care it’s
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