Evaluation Of A Good Will Church

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The Good Will Church, their primary goals of the planned confirmative evaluation is implement skills and standards in the Christian Education ministry. In the Christian Education program, the teachers are not properly trained to study Scripture and evaluate lessons based on pre-develop curriculum, and to prepare their own lesson plans. The adult teachers are volunteers only and they are intrinsic motivated to show their creativity and being enthusing in teaching of the bible among the youth and adults. The organization focus is to evaluate the Spiritual Education program with the emphasize on the adults teachers knowledge, preparation and their delivery of the lesson. The adult teachers age range from 25-50 years old. The number of adult teachers in the program is fifteen (15). The learners in the program range from children in pre-k-12;2-18 years old, young adults;18-24 years old, adults;25+ years old and senior adults. The management structure to the Good Will church consists of six church council representatives, which governing body of the congregation of the church. The executive director is the head members of the Church council: President, vice president, sectary, and the pastor. The pastor job is to preach and teach and keep the mission and vision alive into the congregation. In the addition to management structure is the office management and the sexton (janitor). There are seven committees: Spiritual Education, Evangelist, stewardship, fellowship, property,
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