Evaluation Of A Group Of People

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Methodology The first approach would be selecting a group of people in the Valley to observe. I would select three specific towns in the Valley and select a group within each to start off getting to know. However, my very first step is to begin research at the library, getting some background of the entire Valley and the specific towns I have chosen at random, to better prepare myself and to have a basis for what is already wrote about the citizens. After the research is done, to select which towns, I will start with my social networks, as Berg (2012 p. 214) suggests, that I already have in place in the Valley, to help grant myself and open invitation with informants for the analysis. By using already existing relations within the Valley, selecting groups that will partake in the study will be easier than if I did not know anyone. In each community, I will alter my status of being the new citizen, just relocated to the town from a nearby county, here to conduct research for a book on history of the area from the locals. With my social networks in place, I will be able to stay with that selected person while my study is being conducted. They will also be informed I am collecting information for history of the area. Before beginning, during, and after the research process categories will be formed to help with documenting and observing. With forming categories it will be useful with discovering answers and theories through the research process and getting to a conclusion
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