Evaluation Of A Group Proposal

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Meagan S McBride Group Proposal The proposed group is for adolescents that have been discharged from the inpatient unit and group therapy with peers going through similar experiences is offered as a continuation of treatment. At discharge clients will be screened by their treatment team who will decide if the adolescent is best suited by individual, group, or family therapy as exit inpatient treatment. The group would be held at the facility and referral and screening are nessicary to enter the group. The group will be open and clients will be assessed for a six-month period following their discharge from the center. Creating a climate of trust within a group is imperative to the success of a group, that coupled with the fact that the members of this group will have been diagnosed and been in treatment for a variety of emotional and behavioral problems including mood disorders, psychcotic disorders, severe disruptive behaviors, anxiety disorders, and suicide attempts makes the importance of creating trust all the more difficult and vital. As the group leader it will be important to understand the goals of the group, knowing my co-leader, trusting in my own competences as a co-leader in this group, my abilities to be present will all be major factors in my abilities to lead and model as well as create a trusting environment. This trust will be conveyed and then it is the goal that it will be conveyed to the group and also reciprocated. Group
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