Evaluation Of A Hospital Facility

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There many facilities throughout the United States that can assist patients with in-patient and out-patient services. The in-patient facility consists of hospitals and nursing homes that require admission for up to 24 hours. The outpatient facilities provide clinical, diagnostic testing, and therapeutic services. Clinical services typically found in physician’s office. An out-patient facility consists of an urgent care clinic, and it does not require staying in the facility. A hospital facility consists of many departments, it can service patients in an emergency situation or admit patients that need further observation and care for a short period. The hospitals can perform day or emergency surgery and also provide out-patient services for clinic visits. The nursing homes are other facilities that can assist patients with daily activities. The nursing homes mainly, for elderly or physically challenge people that needs assistance on an everyday basis for long-term care. The prompt clinics are the newest facilities that accept outpatients for treatment and services. Immediate care is convenient and costs less than the hospitals the other two facilities.
The Purpose and Goals of Health Care Facilities
The mission of the hospitals to provide medical attention to people who are mental, physical, and critical ill that use staff with special skills and equipment to meet the needs of the patient. Furthermore, to improve the health status of citizens within communities by
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