Evaluation Of A Incident Response Process

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Although the incident response process is the most efficient and effective plan, it still needs to be practiced, rehearsed and implemented more in the work force in order for it to be fully effective. The incident response process is the most efficient plan that works toward detecting and evaluating unexpected events. I believe this because there is no other plan out there that can compete with it. The incident response process is made up of several phases, and these phases play a major role when incidents arise that cannot be contained or resolved. The incident response process is the best and most efficient plan that organizations use to detect and evaluate unexpected events. The most important step you need to focus on to be…show more content…
During this time, the organization must know how it should react and respond to the incidents, it is the incident response plan to stop the incident, mitigate it 's effects, and provide Information that facilitate recovering from the incident. In formulating an incident response strategy there are several factors that influence the organizations decision process. After containing the incident, the first task is to inform human resources and the incident response team must assess the full extent of the damage to determine what must be done to restore the systems. I couldn 't imagine working for an organization that did not have an incident response plan. The lack of a plan would lead to a complete vulnerable organization that would always be subject to attacks. It would be impossible to stop the attacks without the solid procedures and strict policies of an incident response plan. The incident response process is made up of several phases starting from initial preparation through post incident analysis. During the initial preparation stage, the organization also attempts to limit the number of incidents that might occur by selecting and implementing a set of controls based on the results of risk assessments. The detection of security breaches is very necessary to alert the organization whenever incidents occur. The organization can act to mitigate the impact of the incident by containing it and ultimately
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