Evaluation Of A Interview On The Students ' Answers

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The writer presents the results of the study in this section. The result of interview then divided into 4 subheadings based on the students’ answers. They are learning through picture, enrich vocabulary, fun learning, and alternative way of learning. It can be seen in the table below. Learning Through Picture Enrich Vocabulary Fun Learning Alternative Way of Learning Participant 1 √ √ √ Participant 2 √ Participant 3 √ √ Participant 4 √ √ Participant 5 √ √ Participant 6 √ Participant 7 √ Participant 8 √ √ Participant 9 √ √ Participant 10 √ Participant 11 √ √ Participant 12 √ √ 8 6 5 2 The four categories of the students’ answers of the table will be discussed further in the following subheadings. Learning through Pictures The writer found that according to some participants, pictures in the Criminal Case online game were useful for vocabulary learning activity. There were 8 out of the total 12 participants in this study who said that the pictures were give assistance in terms of gaining understanding of new words. Below are some excerpts from the interview. Extract 1 “Instead of memorizing new vocabulary, it’s better to play such game because by doing so, we automatically know the meaning and the object.” (Participant 10) Extract 2 “When playing the game and find new words, we can automatically always remember the difficult words because we see the real picture, so we know the words’ meaning better.” (Participant 11) Extract 3 “It was useful
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