Evaluation Of A Juvenile Drug Court Program

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Research Article Analysis In today’s society there is an enormous amount of research being conducted throughout the world. A great many of those studies are occurring on Universities and campuses, in this paper, analysis of one such study will be reviewed. The article is an evaluation of a Juvenile Drug Court Program in Lexington, Kentucky. The data that is coming from the Bureau of Justice suggests that juvenile courts process a higher volume of cases today than at any time in the past (Hayden, 2012) These statistics represent the trend in persistently high rates in use of illegal substances among adolescents in the United States and subsequent juvenile court involvement. [The purpose of this study was to examine these outcomes in criminal offending and substance use for one of the first juvenile drug courts (JDC) in Kentucky, implemented in 2003 located in Lexington, Fayette County (Hayden, 2012). This program evaluation was conducted using records provided by Kentucky Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) (Hayden, 2012). The concept of a drug court was conceived in Miami-Dade County, Florida by Chief Judge Gerald Wetherington in 1989. That court was for adults, and the idea was to provide alternatives to incarceration and probation by affording offenders opportunities to get treatment with incentives and sanctions to encourage sobriety and lawful behavior (Hayden, 2012). Due to the success of adult drug courts, and with the increase in both substance abuse and
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