Evaluation Of A Manager When Planning For Child Care Centers

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1.Ans. As a manager when planning for child care centers, manager must consider the following legislative requirements:
1. Children and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Act 1998
2. Children’s Services Regulation 2004
3. Any relevant Local, State or Regional Environmental Planning Policies Council is responsible for checking compliance with above, and the Department of Community Services (DOCS) is responsible for licensing child care centers and checking compliance of plans.
Some Managerial organizational planning involves and taking care of:
• Licensing
• Facilities and equipment
• Space
• Laundry
• Craft preparation facilities
• Food preparation facilities
• Toilets and washing facilities
• Nappy change facilities
• Sleeping
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Carers are visited regularly by the staff that also runs play sessions and school holiday opportunities to assist in planning a variety of stimulating play experiences for all children involved.
1.Ans. Generally, when we allow people to participate in decision making in any sort of group, we encourage group ownership, positive participation and openness to receiving, embracing and promoting change. Involving staff can significantly increase the business readiness to accept even difficult changes within the business.
Including employees in the decision-making process tells them you value their opinions. Employees may understand that their everyday actions help or hurt the company, but it 's difficult for them to see that impact directly. When an employee sees that his input helped implement a beneficial company change, he can see his impact; it makes him feel that he 's making a difference.
There are many benefits of involving employees in the decision making of your company or department. Based on data analysis from employee satisfaction surveys, the following are six of the most important benefits:
• The staff feels they are a valued part of the team
• The staff are able to make better day-to-day decisions
• The staff feels a stronger bond of responsibility for making the decision.
• The staff
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