Evaluation Of A Microcontroller Based Three Phase Induction Motor Controls

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Career Episode 1

This career episode is the creation of my thesis during my final year in engineering. The project is called “Microcontroller Based Three Phase Induction Motor Controls”. This is a partial fulfillment for my bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering at Mindanao University of Science and Technology. This project commenced on June 2011 and ended on March 2012. I was under the supervision of Engr. Reuel C. Pallugna, one of the instructors in the Electrical Engineering department.

CE 1.1 My main objective was to create a speed and forward-reverse control for an induction motor that can be programmed and can be accessed using the computer in the cheapest but efficient way. My project is composed of electrical and electronic components. The brain of the prototype comes from the program of a microcontroller. Most of the assembly of the electrical and electronic components and the creation of the program are done in the electrical laboratory. Economy is an important factor in my study. One of its advantages over the commercially-available variable frequency drive (VFD) is it is more economical and can be programmed based on the user’s preference without sacrificing accuracy and efficiency. CE 1.2 It took me 9 months to complete my prototype. Every month, my thesis adviser checked and tracked the progress of my project. I did the research and the creation of my prototype during weekdays and I did the technical writing of my thesis during

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