Evaluation Of A Mixed Study Design

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Methodology The previous chapter provided literature review of studies already conducted. In this chapter, the report will detail the type data that will be collected, how it would be collected and how it will be analyzed. This study will done in ABC airport which serves both local and international travelers Study Design Mixed research study design will be applied in the study. Both qualitative and quantitative research methods will be employed for this research as part of a mixed study design. Although this research will be mainly quantitative in nature, open-ended questions and opportunities will also be included for more qualitative information. Qualitative research tends to investigate essential and distinctive features of actions and…show more content…
The agreement scale will include; strongly agree, agree, disagree and strong disagreement. The frequency scale will include; often, sometimes, seldom and never. Lastly, the importance scale will include extremely important, very important, moderately important, neutral, slightly important, low importance, not at all important. Population and Sample, The study will be conducted in ABC airport to find out how the challenges facing the aviation industry affect customer satisfaction and efficiency in service delivery at the airports, and how the aviation industry can deal with these challenges in a more cost effective manner. The study will use structured survey questions at selected departure gates and the boarding areas to find out the experiences of the airline users on the basis of the parameters identified. Systematic random sampling technique will be used in the study because it is simple and its results are representative of the general population. The target population for this study will be airline travellers who uses ABC airport. A total of 2 departure gates and boarding areas for local and international travellers will be used for data collection, and 100 respondents from the 2 selected departure gates and boarding areas will be surveyed. These areas will be selected after being granted official access by the airports management and because the travellers will be
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