Evaluation Of A Multi Grade Special Education Classroom

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Overview of Instructional Unit Students will be instructed how to count coins, bills and mixed coins and bills over several days. Instruction and practice will be completed with preinstructional activities to review and instruct students on coins and paper currency. The fourth day of instruction will include counting mixed coins and bills. Goal of Instruction Given play money, students will count mixed coins and bills accurately to and provide the correct change when pretending to be a cashier. Students will be expected to score at least 80% on the written and hands on assessment. Target Population Overview This is a multi-grade special education classroom grades five through eight. Disabilities presented in this classroom…show more content…
1.2 What is the coin value 1.2.1 Penny = 1¢ 1.2.2 Nickel = 5¢ 1.2.3 Dime = 10¢ 1.2.4 Quarter = 25¢ Performance Objective 2: Given a coin up to a quarter, students will identify the value of the coin with 100% accuracy. Task 2.0 Identify bills and their value 3.1 Identify bill 2.1.1 One dollar bill 2.1.2 Five dollar bill 2.1.3 Ten dollar bill 2.1.4 Twenty dollar bill Performance Objective 3: Given paper currency to a Twenty dollar bill, students will identify the bill by name with 100% accuracy. 3.2 What is its value 2.2.1 One dollar bill = $1.00 2.2.2 Five dollar bill = $5.00 2.2.3 Ten dollar bill = $10.00 2.2.4 Twenty dollar bill = $20.00 Performance Objective 4: Given paper currency to a Twenty dollar bill, students will identify the value of the bill with 100% accuracy. Task 3.0 Count coins 3.1 Start with largest coin 3.2 Use touchpoints 3.3 Count by 5’s Performance Objective 5: Given mixed coins, students will count the mixed coins to one dollar with 90% accuracy. Task 4.0 Count bills 4.1 start with the largest bill Performance Objective 6: Given mixed bills, students will count the bills to twenty five dollars 90% accuracy. Task 5.0 Count mixed coins & bills 5.1 Count bills 5.1.1 Start with the largest bill 5.2 Count coins 5.2.1 Start with the largest coin 5.2.2 Use touchpoints 5.2.3 Count by
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