Evaluation Of A New Hybrid Strategy

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Testing is an important process in software development and widely used by developers to reveal bugs. Often, software failures can lead to disastrous consequences such as loss of data, fortune and lives. Test engineers have generated a set of test cases to validate against the user requirements. The highest number of reduction can save a cost of testing. When dealing with a large line of code (LOCs) there still has redundancy happened. Our experiment studies about hybrid tReduct GNA_SA and the existing strategies to counter test redundancy reduction issues. In our experiment, we apply four (tReductLAHC, tReductSA, tReductGNA and tReduct GNA_SA) test-suite reduction strategies for six different situation. After that, we then measure the effectiveness of the diversified solutions of four test suite reduction strategies. Our experiment shows that a new hybrid strategy tReduct GNA_SA offers more effectiveness to reduce redundancy compared to existing work.
Keywords: Test suite redundancy reduction. Search based software engineering. Global Neighborhood Algorithm .Optimization . Simulated Annealing

Software testing refers to the process of finding an error of ensuring that particular software meets its specification. The growing complexity of software division into various application demands highly skilled engineers with the appropriate mix of expertise. Testers need to do sampling such as generates a set of test cases to validate against the user

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