Evaluation Of A New Model

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Question 1: The 6.1 Exhibit has five stages, the first stage is “Need recognition” in this stage a marketer will use an internal or external stimulus to cause a need recognition which is a result of an imbalance between an actual and desired state. For example if a person has shoes that are no longer function correctly and they see a TV ad about a new set of shoes. This external stimulus has now created a want for a new pair of shoes. The second stage is information search which is the process of recalling past information in the memory. For example a person wants to watch a movie but does not know what to watch, so they look on Facebook and the local theater website to see the reviews are new movies. The third stage is evaluation of alternatives. In this stage buys use the information they have gather to create different groups of alternative items which is called a consideration set. For example if a person wants to buy a pizza they only alternatives that fit their price range, location, delivery needs, and taste preferences. The fourth stage is purchasing; this stage is achieved after gathering information and developing a consideration set and is ready to make a decision. An example of this would be a person looking for an apartment, so they look start looking at apartment near their location, apartments that are in there price range, and apartments that meet their need, after researching these items a person makes the decision to buy the apartment that best suites
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