Evaluation Of A New Product For Grace Kennedy Foods Essay

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Outcomes are the changes, benefits, learning or other effects that happen as a result of your work (Cupitt and Ellis, 2016). Most importantly, outcomes allow your work to be more effective. This includes identifying what works well and what are the changes for improving the task. Ultimately this aids in using efficiently in order to satisfy consumers’ needs and wants (Cupitt and Ellis, 2016). On the other hand, evaluate means to measure results or outcomes (Endvawnow.org, 2012). For this section the team will be conducting an evaluation of the original management plan as well as the approved changes of the project. Launching of a new product for Grace Kennedy Foods “Sweety Come Brush Me Cane Juice” aims to meet the demands of improving a healthy lifestyle in developing a natural organic juice. Hierarchy of Objectives Types of Information Monitoring Activities Evaluating Activities To increase profit margins and shares by 20% over prior year The benefit of launching a new product adds to the beverage family of Grace Kennedy Foods. This new product will be sold to the existing and new markets Periodically monitoring at this level Evaluation activities will be performed through surveys and assessed To expand market for GK brand locally and Internationally specifically for beverages Increase brand awareness to the diaspora in the world. Thus increase Grace Kennedy Foods customer base and profits Relatively high monitoring at this level Quarterly financial records will

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