Evaluation Of A Non Web Based Application

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Client uses certain set of reports built in Excel, a non-web based application, with source being OLAP cubes to meet certain requirements, i.e. to understand the shipment, distribution of products, etc. Now, the requirement of client is to perform the audit trails for these non-web based reporting applications and understand the usage of reports in real time so that user experience can be further optimized. 5.3 Implementation of Proposed Framework The proposed framework have been implemented and tested on two analytical tools: Google Analytics and R 5.3.1 Implementation of framework using Google Analytics To implement the requirement described in the above section the below framework is developed. Figure 5.1 Framework to implement proposed technique The detailed description of the above steps are described below: Step 1: The user details along with the request information is logged in the MS SQL server Audit Log Database using the ASTrace utility. Step 2: Job components (DB stored Procedures and SSIS package) are built to capture the latest user information and further derive the required custom variables to be pushed to Google analytics . Figure 5.2 Job Component Overview • ASTrace Table: This is a SQL server table which holds the information logged by the ASTrace service. Figure 5.3 ASTrace table • View is built on top of ASTrace Table to capture the details about the recently accessed reports (i.e. Report Name, User Name, etc.) • The captured details from the view
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