Evaluation Of A Nurse Acts As An Advocate For The Patient

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Nurses play a variety of roles while providing patient care. These roles vary between caregiver, communicator, and teacher. According to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, nurses play a critical role in protecting patient safety and providing quality healthcare to patients (Hallmarks of Quality and Patient Safety, n.d.). Nurses protect patient safety through critical thinking and being an advocate for the patient. A nurse acts as an advocate by preventing the spread of hospital acquired infections. This paper will discuss the clinical situation witnessed by the student where the safety of the patient was compromised, the risk to patient outcomes related to this scenario, and the factors involved that created this patient safety scenario. This paper will also summarize articles and guidelines, compare and contrast the recommended protocols with the actual scenario, and discuss how the organization’s culture supports risk reduction. This paper will conclude the recommended safety protocols related to this topic and ways to prevent future incidents.
Clinical Situation
During clinical rotations in the emergency room, the student and her nurse had a patient brought in by ambulance. The patient is an 89-year-old male from a nursing home who was found to be weak and lethargic. Upon initial assessment the patient had an elevated axillary temperature. The doctor asked for a rectal temperature which would give a more accurate result. The student and nurse…
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