Evaluation Of A Nurse Leader 's Leadership Style And Identify How Their Style Has Helped Them Achieve Success

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The aim of this paper is to conduct interviews with three nurse leaders to ascertain their preferred leadership style and identify how their style has helped them achieve success. Their responses will be compared and contrasted, and will be referenced by appropriate literature to show synthesis with leadership theory. To ensure that consistent questioning took place during these interviews a structured list of questions was used. For the sake of this assignment, each question will form a subheading throughout the paper. The nurse leaders interviewed, include a Chief Nursing Officer (P), a Vice President of Patient Care (J), and a Vice President of Critical Care (K). Each nurse leader was chosen because they have recently played, or…show more content…
The servant leader addresses staff needs in order to facilitate empowerment and growth. How has your leadership style brought you success? When answering this question P described that she has developed an informal authority that has developed from years of demonstrating integrity, ethical behavior, and honesty. She acknowledged that she always had a team below her that was the reason for her success, but that she took the initiative on the next project, developing the vision to address the issue. By being able to choose the right team for the specific issue, she was able to increase the recognition she received by her own leaders. Thus she increased her formal authority. J responded differently to this question, expressing some regret for allowing others to be involved in certain projects, which were then not successful. As a result, she breaks down an issue into a “measurable process”, which she delegates and monitors, expecting timely success for each stage. Scheller (n.d.) suggests that this is indicative of an autocratic style, and belies a need to have absolute control. J attributes this to the embarrassment that she felt with previous failures by her team. K answered this question by stating that she has to maintain transparency; whether communicating downward to staff, or upward to her senior leaders. She describes that the non-nursing leaders she reports to follow goals that are financial or patient-outcome driven. If she addresses a staff

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