Evaluation Of A Nurse Manager Of The Palliative / Hospice Care Unit At A Veteran's Hospital

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Interpretations of managers or of staff that are being managed can be challenging. Training to be a manager, is a theory, a systems or a processes that keeps a professional persona intact. The dimension to create your own culture and have no regrets . To motivate and mold the staff into the star they should be through acceptance of each and every staff member’s personality (Stettner, 2014). I had the honor to interview Janice, a Nurse Manager of the Palliative/Hospice care unit at a Veteran’s hospital. This hospital cares for many Veterans from telemetry, ICU, Orthopedic, Dementia, PTSD, Mental Health, Long-Term care, and women’s health, as well as the Palliative/Hospice unit. The Veterans Hospital is one of the largest employers in the…show more content…
Janice is responsible for the staffing of her unit (Palliative/Hospice) which has been named “The Light House” with 70 staff members working various shifts. As a manager of any unit within the Veterans Affairs Medical center, managers are expected to attend or review meetings minutes; meetings like the Nursing Council and Nurse Manager’s meetings as well as others committees. Managers are to hold staff meetings and communicate the minutes to all staff via email, or written form. Managers make sure all changes in policies, documentation, and other situations are reported to staff members. Managers are accountable for compliance of all regulatory standards, such as OSHA, CARF, and JC standards. Managers are to have an approved staffing plan, review expenditures affecting its cost, such as overtime, leave, and compensation time. Complete quarterly report/data, staffing effectiveness analysis reports, staffing updates, and FMLA information. As a manager, communication, performance improvement, staffing/recruitment, time and leave, safety/environment of care, controlled substances, adverse events/patient complaints, employee accidents/injuries, employee performance, performance appraisals and proficiencies, and staff development are all part of her duties.
As I transition into the Janice’s thoughts and notions through the interview I realize the above list is just a part of her duties. As
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