Evaluation Of A Nursing Assessment

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A nursing assessment is defined as a systematic and dynamic process to collect and examine data about a patient. Nurses play a crucial role in the health care field, and one of the most important aspects of their daily obligations is to assess patients, and to continuously reassess patients. The reason assessments are so significant is- in case of any changes in their patients condition whether it effects their health positively or negatively. Some of the most vital information can be gathered in a nursing assessment, you cannot always go off of what the patient says. As a nurse you must use all of your senses to complete this responsibility. A sufficient level of intelligence and adequate skills are required by the registered nurse to be…show more content…
A study conducted on a medical/surgical unit where surveillance to improve patient safety confirmed just how serious vitals can potentially be. Having monitoring vitals continuously made nursing interventions happen that prevented failure to recue events from occurring. Being able to react to abnormal vital signs instantaneously can prevent early clinical deterioration. T. Watkins (2016, January 1.) If a nurse can react and detect these flaws in patient vitals it will improve patient safety and progress the practice as well. Even if a patient has been consistently stable for hours or even days their condition could plummet at any moment, for any number of reasons. An infection could come on sudden onset or a negative reaction to a medication which is why vitals must be continuously monitored incase such an event were to occur and reacting in a timely manner could impact the patients ' health tremendously in a positive way. Continuing on, when assessing patients, sometimes the mistake is made of using subjective judgement or estimation to avoid work and to cut corners. This could potentially be tremendously dangerous for the patient, even if it may seem like a minuscule detail. Information gathered
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