Evaluation Of A Nursing Internship Experience Based On An Educational Program For Wound Assessment And Documentation

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Practicum Evaluation Summary With ongoing monetary restraints and increased federal regulatory requirements over hospital-acquired conditions, health care executives, leaders, and providers are increasingly challenged to keep patient safe and deliver quality patient care. In 2008, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) stopped reimbursing hospitals for cost associated with treating hospital-acquired stage III and IV pressure ulcers. According to CMS, Pressure ulcers and skin breakdown are serious patient care issue because most are considered reasonably preventable. Preventing skin breakdown and pressure ulcers are a high priority for acute care facilities. Health care facilities are engaging in evidence-based practices…show more content…
The learning objectives for the practicum are relevant and purpose-driven activities the graduate nurse employed to obtain or meet the practicum goals. The first objective was to analyze the learning needs of the nursing staff in relations to wound care, assessment and documentation. A training need assessment was developed to accomplish this objective. A training need assessment serves as a diagnostic tool to determine training needs. The training needs assessment assist in accomplishing individual and organizational goals and objectives. It reduces or identifies gaps between employee knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSA) and the KSAs that are required to perform a job or task. The developing a training need assessment was not an easy task because the primary focus were on job knowledge and allowing the assesse the opportunity to provide comments on further or future training needs. To better concept wound care, an extensive research on peer-reviewed or scholarly articles though of wounds though the University of Phoenix online libraries services. There were an overwhelming number of scholarly articles and literature from professional organizations. A bibliography of selected articles was complied and it related to the practicum goals and objectives. The second objective was to design a unit skin assessment, wound classification, and wound documentation educational program plan for
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