Evaluation Of A Patient Care Application

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Determine, within the health care setting, the main features, capabilities, and operational benefits to a health care organization using the following: Provide specific examples of each: patient care applications, management and enterprise systems, e-Health applications, and strategic decision-support applications. Patient Care Applications Patient care applications are one element of HMIS geared towards patient centric management. According to Tan & Payton (2010) these applications are “designed to elevate patient care by providing the caregivers with relevant, current, accurate, reliable, and complete information”. An example of a patient care application is Google Health. With Google Health, patients can create one personal history…show more content…
Streamline Health incorporates integrated software solutions for organizations such as a HMO. It aids consumers with appointments, treatment options, and health prognosis based on medical history. At the same time, Streamline Health applications provide medical billing and coding suitable for financial management follow up. E-Health applications E-Health or electronic health applications are another important element of Health care management. Just like the name, E-health main features focuses on providing health care data electronically. E-Health applications are composed of topics like EMR and telemedicine. The capability of E-Health is broad, as it entails a variety of paperless efforts. The most important function of E-Health within a health care organization is that it provides health care professionals with consumer, medical, clinical bio-informatics. The operational benefit of consumer informatics is related to patient or consumer awareness of health information. E-Health has become a cost effective source of distributing health information; especially in remote and rural areas which lack the convenience of health care facilities. With E-Health, there are various resources available regarding health care illnesses. Health information given to the
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