Evaluation Of A Patient Experience Model At Lenox Hill Hospital

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Conceptual Framework Michael’s work depends on the nurses to make a difference in patient quality care, and patient satisfaction by holding true to the hospital’s mission statement. Providing patients and their families with an exceptional care, respect, confidentiality, and acknowledging the dignity and individuality of every patients, staff members, and communicating openly and effectively with patients and staff are some of the values that guide the organization in pursuit of its mission. The patience experience model at Lenox Hill Hospital places the patient first, and at the center of every decision-making. Patient experience is more than patient satisfaction. A few articles provide a definition of patient experience and also cautioned against equating it with satisfaction. Shale believes that patient experience is a clinical quality indicator; however cautioned paralleling patient experience with satisfaction. She explains, "there is a complex relationship between patient knowledge, patient expectations of care, patient experiences of care, patient assessment of care, and objective measures of patient benefit"(p287). She postulates there are three dimensions or domains of patient experience including the physiologic illness experience (rash, bleeding, etc.), customer service (not satisfaction) and the lived experience of the illness (coping/dealing with the condition) (Wolf et al. 2014). Patient experience is aligned with the patient centered care model.

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