Evaluation Of A Patient Observation

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Introduction In January 2015 a patient observation was conducted on an inner city psychiatric male admission ward commencing at 10.30 am and concluding at 11.30am. The observation was carried out by the ward manager and the patient advice liaison service (PALS) manager. The managers from the position of observer were critically analyzing differences of service provision between a service and patient’s perspective. The ward manager by reviewing the findings will make recommendations for the service which builds on the positives and address any issues which impact upon the patient care provided. The staffing levels were fully established with the three qualified nurses, three health care support workers, and one occupational therapist. Analysis of patient experience Acute psychiatric inpatient nursing is primarily focused on the assessment and treatment of patients admitted in times of crisis. To effectively evaluate mental state a nursing assessment of the patient’s interactions with their external & internal environment is necessary. Fundamental to this been successful is the nurse patient relationship, forming a trusting relationship and maintaining this throughout the patient’s care. The nurse’s ability to listen, talk and understand are identified as key to positive patient experiences of feeling supported and cared for (Gilburt et al 2008). During the observation it was noted that the majority of patient interactions taking place on the open area of the ward were
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