Evaluation Of A Patient With Mental Status

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Last week I was at the hospital, doing my usual clinical rotations. I was assigned a patient who was admitted to the hospital for altered mental status. I was a bit scared to work with this patient because I was never exposed to people who are not mentally stable. When I came to see my patient for the first time, I saw that he was accompanied by a woman who told me she was the aid who was working with him. I was surprised to see that the patient was curled up in the bed and not moving. She explained to me that the patient was legally blind and also had dementia. She also said that he was somewhat combative to the doctors and nurses because of his unfamiliar surroundings and therefore he felt like everyone there was trying to hurt him in…show more content…
I was also chosen by my clinical instructor to administer medications that day. I waited for the professor to come around and sure enough, all the medications which were to be taken by mouth, had to be crushed and administered that way. He was receiving anticonvulsants and also antiseizure medications. We crushed all the medications and mixed them into some of his pudding. When I came to give him the spoon of pudding, he was asleep. I gently awoke him and told him that I had his pudding. I tried putting the spoon in his mouth and he pushed my hand away. Then, the aid got up and tried holding his hands and telling him that it was good for him and he would get ice cream after this. I finally got half the spoon in his mouth and just when I thought he took the pudding, he spit out the entire thing onto his shirt and arm and started wiping the pudding off his mouth with his sheet. My clinical instructor told me to stop trying and that he would get the nurse to try and finish giving him what was left. I was having a lot of thoughts and emotions while this episode was unfolding. There was of course the fear of the patient that everyone in the hospital was trying to hurt him, and there was also my fear that if he would not get his anti-seizure medications, he would seize in the next few hours and that would be my fault. I also did not like the response of my clinical instructor to the whole situation. Instead
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