Evaluation Of A Patient's Hand Got Swelled And Painful

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Look Back The patient’s hand got swelled and painful because I forgot to open the tourniquet after taking blood sample. Elaborate Objective Recall My instructor, staff nurses and I were involved in this scenario. I remember that a70 years old woman was hospitalized in ICU ward with the diagnosis of CVA. I worked there under supervision of my instructor because I was studying nursing in the final semester. I was supposed to take a blood sample independently. My instructor wanted to assess my competence and promptitude. I did it successfully but after 5 minutes, I discovered that the patient was moaning because she was in pain. Thus, my instructor asked me to check the patient and seek for the reason behind her discomfort.I told that: maybe…show more content…
I believed that I deserved punishment. It was a really bad internal feeling. My instructor and staff nurses blamed me andgot angry about my ignorance. It was obvious to me that I lost their trust about my competence. I was wondered why I made such a harmful mistake? What was wrong with me during taking blood sample?What would happen to patient due to my mistake? What should I do to avoid hurting patients since now?My mind was preoccupied with different feelings and questions that I think stem from my values and beliefs.I strongly believe in respect, honesty, kindness, compassion, responsibility and a client- centered care. I always put the patients in the first priority in my profession. I think these values mainly originate from my family, culture and myholly profession. In relation to that event, although I was encompassed with lots of feelings, thoughts and words, the most important thing to me was the patient’s sense of comfort which was impaired due to my mistake. So, I respected my instructor and staff nurses’ words and acceptedthe responsibility of my action.I promised myself to be more careful about my actions and patient’s safety. Analysis I believe thatthe stress due to lack ofexperience was the key factor related to my mistake. It was the first time I wanted to take a blood sample independently, so I was under stress and could not
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