Evaluation Of A Performance Evaluation

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Competency 317.1.6: Performance Evaluation
In this paper, I will discuss how to develop and how to recommend and implement an effective performance evaluation process. To begin, I will define what should be evaluated in a performance evaluation. I will than discuss and compare the relative value of common sets of evaluation criteria. Next, I will explain how it can be advantageous to have supervisors, peers and subordinates all participate in the evaluation process. Also, I will explain how it can also be disadvantageous to have supervisors; peers and subordinates to all participate in the evaluation process. Then I will compare and contrast common performance evaluation methods. I will also give examples of errors and biases that commonly
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After discussing the three points of concern with the given company’s current evaluation form I will now discuss the most commonly used sets of criteria which should be evaluated in performance evaluation. The three most popular sets of criteria that people are evaluated on are individual task outcomes, behavior and traits. The first one I will discuss is individual task outcomes. This set of criteria would evaluate an employee based on how much volume that person is generating for the company. For example, if a worker is working on an assembly line and is producing a certain amount of parts per hour and is generating a certain amount of scrap per hour as well this would be an individual task outcome. The next popular set of criteria would be behavior. Behavior is a set of criteria that is evaluated based off how well a employee is able to care and show how they can contribute to the company in a positive manner depending on the job. For example, a elementary school teacher would be evaluated on her behavior due to how well she interacts with her class. Is she able to show compassion? Also is she able to show the children that she cares and loves for them. The next set of criteria that I will discuss is traits. Traits are actually one of the least scored criteria because they do not actually count on job performance like individual traits. Being able to show that you are competent in what you are doing
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