Evaluation Of A Performance Evaluation

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Competency 317.1.6: Performance Evaluation
In this paper, I will discuss how to develop and how to recommend and implement an effective performance evaluation process. To begin, I will define what should be evaluated in a performance evaluation. I will than discuss and compare the relative value of common sets of evaluation criteria. Next, I will explain how it can be advantageous to have supervisors, peers and subordinates all participate in the evaluation process. Also, I will explain how it can also be disadvantageous to have supervisors; peers and subordinates to all participate in the evaluation process. Then I will compare and contrast common performance evaluation methods. I will also give examples of errors and biases that commonly impact the accuracy of performance evaluations. I will than select techniques that can be used to improve performance evaluations in a given situation specifically the scenario given.

I will now explain the three points of concern with the given company’s current evaluation form. The current evaluation is based on three points currently and that is friendliness, neatness and attitude. Although these are great basic attributes to evaluate someone on they are not always going to be a major determining factor in a performance evaluation. The company is currently using friendliness as determining factor for performance evaluations. Although this is a great trait to have friendliness is not going to be a trait that a performance evaluation…
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