Evaluation Of A Performance Management System

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According to Robbins, DeCenzo, and Coulter (2013), a performance management system is a process of establishing performance standards and evaluating performance to arrive at real human resource decisions, such as pay increases and training needs, as well as to provide documentation to support any personnel actions. Ghauri and Neck (2014), examined a performance appraisal (PA) study in the Pakistan pharmaceutical industry, which identified critical performance factors that account for most negative perception among sales employees, the performance appraisal process and the organization. The case focused on making comparisons between the PA systems of Pakistan’s pharmaceutical national companies (NCs) and multinational companies (MNCs). In Pakistan, the pharmaceutical industry is the 11th largest market in the Asian Pacific Region and the largest employment provider in the country with a market size of about 1.4 billion dollars (Ghauri & Neck, 2014). The country also has over 400 pharmaceutical MNCs and NCs with about 25 MNCs dominating about half of the market (Ghauri & Neck, 2014).
The study revealed that unfair treatment within the appraisal system exists and the data proved that favoritism and prejudice are an issue, which resulted in dissatisfaction of employees. The key issue in the study is based on the perception of the PA on sales employees in Pakistan’s pharmaceutical companies. The focus is to establish whether employees from the different pharmaceutical MNCs and…
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