Evaluation Of A Person With An Acute Diabetic Foot Problem

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Diabetes and the Foot

Module for MSc in Diabetes

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Assignment Option 1

Evaluate care for a person with an acute or chronic diabetic foot problem, detail clinical presentation and discuss assessment, diagnosis, classification and treatment choices. Assess the need for medical and/or pharmacological management, justify your decisions using current guidelines, recommendations and literature. Further consider the role of the multidisciplinary foot team and discuss referral at the most appropriate stage of each intervention.

Word count: 3920
Introduction 3
Methodology 3
The case 3
Background 5
Assessment and Diagnosis 6
Osteomyelitis 9
Classification of diabetic foot ulcers 11
Treatment 13
Debridement and wound dressings 13
Management of infection 13
Offloading 14
Glucose control 15
The role of the multidisciplinary foot team 16
Conclusion 17

This assignment will discuss a case study involving a gentleman with type 2 diabetes with an acute diabetic foot problem. It will detail clinical presentation and will discuss the assessment, diagnosis, classification and treatment choices made. This assignment will critically analyse and evaluate the current literature and and national guidelines with regards to the medical and pharmacological management. The role of the multidisciplinary foot team will be discussed.


This assignment will be approached by researching the topic and reading widely…
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