Evaluation Of A Presentation On Presentation

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Part 3: Evaluate your presentation Evaluation of one to one presentation The final part of this assessment requires you to evaluate your presentations. Your self- evaluation report should be typed document and include around 500 words. It should address the following questions and be written in plain English: 1. What worked well during the presentation? The following areas worked well during the presentation: • Confidence: I have shown the required confidence during the presentation and questioning time after the presentation. Because I have spent a lot of time to prepare the information of the presentation topics and get myself familiarized with the information, so when I was presenting I feel comfortable and confident. • Answered audiences’ questions: as I have been knowledgeable with the presentation topics I have been able to answer all the questions raised by the participants and ensure my answers are detailed and thorough. 2. What did not work well? The following areas didn’t work well during the presentation: • Voice: due to the space of the presentation location some participants who were sitting at the back or in the corner areas are unable to hear my presentation clearly. I will arrange some audio equipment next time when I need to provide the presentation in a similar location. • Time management: As I have prepared the topics very well and I would like to provide as much information to the participants as possible during the presentation, I have spent
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