Evaluation Of A Professional Social Worker Student Essay

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Pia, which is a cute little name for the apple of your eyes, will be the pseudonym for the toddler observed for this analysis. As a professional social worker student, there are ethical guidelines that must be followed to ensure protection of observation participants. Consent was given by the guardian of Pia as the guardian understands the observation and interview is for educational purposes only. Pia is 2 years old, with dark hair and eyes and of light brown complexion. Pia lives with her mother and father who are both parents are natives of Guatemala. The family speaks both Spanish and English. Spanish is the language of choice when in the home and English when conversing with Americans. For the sake of the observation and interview, English was spoken so that observer would understand. From viewing family pictures, Pia looks a lot like her mother in her mother’s younger years. Pia is the only child born to her parents, but presently, her mother is expecting a second child in a few months. Another family member will live in the home when it is time for the mother to give birth. The family lives in a small, quiet neighborhood in the rural section of the county. The home requires cosmetic repairs and has minor structural damage. Pia’s father Alejo works at the area’s well-known construction company and makes enough money to provide for the family. The two-parent home allows Saniya to stay home mom so that she can parent Pia and care for the family’s three dogs who lives in
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