Evaluation Of A Program Coordinator

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Introduction and Background When I look back over my career and I think back to the days when I was getting my start in the field of sports. I can recall how fortunate enough I was to receive a position in my cities local recreation department as a program coordinator. Since our recreation department was understaffed at the time of my hiring I was given quite a bit of responsibility. One of my responsibilities as program coordinator was to note only oversee several programs in the recreation department but I was tasked with revitalizing programs and events that weren’t a huge success in the past. Some of the programs, I was tasked with revitalizing were Panther Hoops which is a youth basketball league in my city that host children ages…show more content…
The only adjustment that might be made is, some of the rules and or regulations for playing or participating in certain games or activities will need to be adjusted but, in most cases I found that to be extremely rare. This all depends on the league or age group the individuals are placed in. Moreover during my time at the recreation I began studying why certain programs in the past had not worked and what are some of the things that the staff and I could do differently to help benefit the recreation department as well as the community. According to the article Elderly Athletes Prove Age Is Just A Number if “elderly people exercise and just keep active and keep their muscles moving, then they never actually have to waste away and suffer from this gradual fragility. Now there are some things that 'll happen naturally with aging, but they can really hold on to a lot of your mobility and your mental clarity with moderate levels of exercise” (2008). Keeping this information in mind my colleagues in I decided that we could revitalize the sports and activities for the elderly, produce revenue, along with keeping cost down by mimicking some of the sports that the National Senior Games Association offers. The developed a concept that included a league for the following sports, basketball,
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