Evaluation Of A Program For A Team

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Some teams have a leader and members’, while others consist of members who come together and bring a diverse set of skills, that are used collectively to carry out the team’s common goals. In order for a team to meet its intended purpose effective communication is vital. Moreover, each team member should complement each other and avoid unnecessary conflict’s, that impede productivity and positive creativity. Therefore, it is important for a team to find its best communication types for building and bringing out the best in each team member. Body Angel Avery a middle school teacher was sadden by the stories her students shared about the hopelessness felt in their community to attend college or even graduate from high school.…show more content…
(Wood) Through procedural communication in our mentorship program, it starts with each mentor candidate being interviewed by the team and then voted in by majority vote to become a volunteer mentor. Each new mentor and mentee is oriented on the programs history and agenda. The mentorship interaction is guided by a set of program policies for managing the success of the mentorship program, which include the ground rules for the mentorship relationship. Due to the limited number of mentors, mentees are accepted by application only and mentors are discouraged from mentoring more than two girls at one time. In order to create the best possible mentorship experience for the mentee, the mentee chooses their mentor by reading their possible mentor’s bio and filling out a short questionnaire to help the mentee identify their mentorship expectations. Our team is aware each mentee is different, so we offer personalized mentorship, which may include any or all of these skills; problem solving, conflict resolution, career planning, college preparation, goal setting, financial planning, skills development and networking. Cohesion- Is a degree of closeness among members and the sense of good spirit. (Wood) Group or team cohesion is the social glue that keeps the group or team closely connected. Furthermore, strong group or team cohesion better helps with achieving the goals of the group or team. Additionally, with group or team cohesion each
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