Evaluation Of A Project And Discuss Aspects Of The Film

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This Critique will be going over five different aspects, I will be covering the roles adopted during the project by each group member, I will present an argument on one aspect of the project that I believe was strong, and I will be identifying aspects of my project that I think could have been strengthened and how these could have been changed to improve the work. I will also be providing a rationale for the final cut of the project and discuss how the peer review did or did not help in the development of the project and I will be analysing my final product of the project and discuss aspects of the film itself.

First for this assignment I tried to stand back and not take over being the leader as it did not work for another assignment in the past. Standing back at first was not working for no one was standing up to lead the group as I felt no one wanted to be the leader. We ended up all being the leader and no one being the leader. For the roles in this assignment, it was more group based leadership where everyone contributed to making the movie move forward. The first few weeks I found it was difficult getting hold of people as one of our group member’s, Luyao as she only showed up for the first class and we did not see her during filming and editing, also hasn’t really contributed to the film as far as I know. Qiaochu says she has done some filming with her, but as I have only seen her once I could not tell you if she has done any work towards the filming part. The first
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