Evaluation Of A Project Feasibility Study For Geotechnical Projects

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Abandoned sites due to undesirable soil bearing capacities dramatically increased, and the outcome of this was the scarcity of land and increased demand for natural resources. Affected areas include those which were susceptible to liquefaction and those covered with soft clay and organic soils. Other areas were those in a landslide and contaminated land. However, in most geotechnical projects, it is not possible to obtain a construction site that will meet the design requirements without ground modification. The current practice is to modify the engineering properties of the native problematic soils to meet the design specifications. Nowadays, soils such as, soft clays and organic soils can be improved to the civil engineering…show more content…
• Design load and function of the structure. • Type of foundation to be used. • Bearing capacity of soil. Almost all construction is built with or upon soil. The bearing capacity of the soil plays a major role in decision making on site selection. When unsuitable construction conditions are encountered, a contractor has four options: (1) Find a new construction site. (2) Redesign the structure so it can be constructed on the poor soil (3) Remove the poor soil and replace it with good soil (4) Improve the engineering properties of the site soils Now a days finding a new construction site may not be possible and redesigning a structure may be more expensive option to adopt. Hence many adopt for removing the soil and replacing it with a good soil or to improve the strength of soil onsite. SOIL STABILIZATION: Soil Stabilization is a method of changing the natural state of soil to achieve the engineering requirements. It includes improving the soil properties of the soil to increase its bearing capacity. Soil stabilization incorporates many methods for modifying the properties of a soil to improve the engineering properties of the soil to improve its performance. Natural soil is a mixture of both complex and variable materials. However the soil at any particular locality is not suitable wholly or partially, to the requirements of the construction engineer. Hence decision must be taken whether to accept the site material as it is
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