Evaluation Of A Project Monitoring

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Project monitoring is the process of monitoring and routinely collection of information or useful data on all the aspects of a project. Monitoring also does entail the giving back of the feedback of the data collected on the project to the people benefiting on it. Giving the feedback back enables the information to be used on coming up with accurate decisions on how to improve on the project performance. Project monitoring is of great importance in project planning. Project monitoring usually provides information which is of importance in, determining if the projects inputs are all used up, identifying problems facing the society, ensuring that people working on the project attend to their duties and also make it easy to use strategies…show more content…
The team leader usually identifies and reconciles any time management issues that might come up within the project. In project monitoring there is also a stage where the budget made by the project committee is monitored. This is an important stage since all the finances and the funds of the project are at risk and if anything would go wrong it would mean that the project would fail. The project manager is also given the work of keeping an eye and monitoring cost management in the project so as to ensure that the project is under the planned budget. Costs within the project should be identified and also approved before the purchases and maintenances are made. The project manager usually keeps the records of all costs incurred or expenditures from the project. After that the project manager can then also come up with a sum of the expenses and determine if the expenses are properly budgeted. If they are not budgeted properly then he/she should grant approval for a good expenditure. When project monitoring, it is also of great importance to monitor the quality of the project as it goes on to mature and grow. In order to monitor the quality of the project as the project progresses the members and the project manager must set up some guidelines which will guide them on knowing the quality level their project is at and whether it’s improving
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