Evaluation Of A Project Time Management Essay

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2.3 PROJECT TIME MANAGEMENT Activities were defined by each team member for the work packages they were responsible for. These were then assembled into a logical schedule, based on what needed to be completed first. For example the theme had to be set before the invitations could be distributed, as they needed to match this theme. The school had set the date of the ball as 3 June 2013 in the previous year. This enabled us to work backwards from this date, to determine the latest finish time for tasks. We then set milestone dates for completing work to ensure tasks were completed before the latest finish time. At our fortnightly meetings we addressed the deadlines for some of the smaller activities that needed to be completed. Such as, when the printing would needed to be completed by so we could stuff the envelopes. The fortnightly meetings were also when we addressed resources availability. Fortunately, due to enterprise environmental factors, there was a pool of support that was readily available for administrative tasks. The only limitation was the graphics designer so we had to ensure we worked with her availability to have the work completed on time. This knowledge area played a small role in the project, and as such is not overly important. Time pressure was not an issue as there was a lot of time between planning activities commenced and the date of the ball. This permitted each activity to have a lot of time between when it needed to be done and when it could be
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