Evaluation Of A Public Library Essay

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Public libraries are always working on new ways to promote lifelong learning and enriching the lives of the community they serve. Programs are developed and critiqued to benefit the public library patrons through outcome-based evaluations. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the use of outcomes and impact measures to develop sound evaluation practices through the use of outcome-based evaluations for a program at in a public library. Outcomes defined by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (n.d) are the, “benefits to people: specifically, achievements or changes in skill, knowledge, attitude, behavior, condition, or life status for program participants” (para. 3). Outcomes that are short term are skills, attitude, knowledge, and behavior. According to the website Shaping Outcomes (2006), impact evaluations are examining long term, broader changes that are the results of outcomes from a program such as change in life status and condition. The outcome-based evaluations are the measurements that allow librarians to determine the accomplishments or developments in the results. These results can be seen through indicators to help librarians understand if their program has achieved the desired goals and objectives. A program is a sequence of activities or services where planned changes for the participants are observed that has a beginning and an end. Relevant information about the participants are collected at the beginning and the end of the program for evident…
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