Evaluation Of A Qualitative Research Methodology

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In order for this research project to be conducted properly and successfully, a qualitative research design has been followed. More specifically, it is suggested that a qualitative research methodology is adopted when researchers want to examine more complicated issues and topics that cannot be captured through another way or methodological process. In such circumstances and research area topics, researchers use qualitative methodologies to delve into the deeper thoughts and lived experiences of the participants, as well as to understand the ways that people make sense of the world around them and of the specific issue addressed. In addition, this type of methodology usually fosters the narration of participants’ own stories, which would…show more content…
Six semi-structured interviews were conducted, in which participants were firstly asked questions in direct relation to their background, course of study, university experience etc and they then were invited to share their personal accounts about experiences of academic life and learning, using English as a second language. All interviews were recorded and each one lasted approximately thirty five to forty five minutes. 2.2 Sampling The participants selected were identified through the researcher’s own academic network and environment, due to their suitability as candidates for the aims of the specific research. More specifically, as the aim of this project was to identify, address and understand the impact that non-native English speakers’ differences have on postgraduate students’ perceived ability to learn, the sample was drawn from a population of postgraduate students, who were using English as a second language and they were also studying in London-based universities. Furthermore, it was essential for the participants not to work, as we also tried to explore the potential impact that these linguistic differences may have on the students’ future experiences in the world of work. Importantly, it was attempted for the sample to be collected from a wide range of different countries. Following that way, it would be easier to adopt a wider idea regarding the similarities and differences in
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