Evaluation Of A Quality Improvement Plan

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The successful aspect of this quality improvement plan was staff compliance to the checklist and selected EBP interventions. Collaboration with high management to improve quality and nurse performance lead to a developed system with the changing needs of performance improvement initiatives. The project keeps surgical knowledge up to date and relevant with the support from the staff and managers. The ability to provide feedback during huddle meeting intiated open communication. The quality management team reported the data that led the direction for implementing the quality checklist. Firstly, the nurse inclusion for routine surgical practice resulted in effective compliance, as every nurse was able to accomplish all the EBP standards on the surgical checklist. This enhanced a nurse buy in for efficient surgical patient care. The process worked due to agreement and helpfulness from all stakeholders. Secondly, nurses appreciated the training and additional education needed to become compliant for SSI reduction. This assisted in refreshing the knowledge of surgical information for seasoned and new nurses. Some nurses used the education session to accomplish their performance evaluation process. Thirdly, collaboration improves sharing of information between the nurses, surgeons and high management. Furthermore, increasing communication between the nurses, patients, and their family who then reported increased satisfaction with the surgical care. Lastly, the monitoring,
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