Evaluation Of A Randomized Survey On The Groups That Attend My Meetings

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Analysis I plan to complete a randomized survey on the groups that chose to attend my meetings. The survey will analyze three aspects including when drunk driving is most likely to occur, what is the leading factor that influences people to get behind the wheel after drinking, and if the driver notices any difference in his or her driving capability. After completion of the survey, I will compare the differences and similarities and see if I can come to a conclusion on how to decrease this from occurring. For example, I will pay attention to which holidays or days in general that driving while under the influence occurs the most. This will give me an idea as to when I should set up a solution to this problem that our community faces on daily bases. Planning My ultimate goal for this program plan is to encourage and educate people throughout our community on the consequences of driving while under the influence. In order to achieve the goal of my plan, I have established a goal and some objectives to support the goal. Therefore, there will certain times that meetings will be held to ensure individuals are getting valid information on the issue. The success of this plan will be based on the availability of information and the ability to encourage and prove to individuals how dangerous this really is. Goal: Assist and encourage people who abuse alcohol in the Pittsylvania County Region to refrain from driving after drinking. Objectives 1) 100% of participants will
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