Evaluation Of A Remediation Plan Essay

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A remediation plan has been set into place to assist teacher Chris Haze in the areas of unsatisfactory rating on his evaluation. As suggested, both the district and a mentor will serve as resources to help Mr. Haze improve in areas with low ratings. Failure to complete the remediation plan and meet satisfactory standards will result in termination due to unsatisfactory rating and or lack of completion of plan. In the remediation plan the district administrator and mentor will be aiding Mr. Haze in meeting the goals of the plan by setting deadlines and having schedules check-in meetings. Goals In order to improve time management, Mr. Haze will be asked to keep a calendar where he will be able to set deadlines that include submitting grades in a timely manner, fulfilling unit deadlines, grading, lesson planning, and other factors that have resulted in a poor evaluation. Through this he will be able to use his prep time effectively working on school related activities, as noted by the school contract. The mentor or district administrator will be able to keep track of how often grades are being updated and the assignments and assessments given in class by the online gradebook. Through the grades and assignments posted, the administrator will be checking that the work assigned is aligned to the curriculum map created within the department. Mr. Haze will be asked to turn in his calendar log as artifacts towards his remediation plan and evaluation. Through setting clear

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