Evaluation Of A Research Article From A Professional Journal Using A Critiquing Framework

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The purpose of this assignment is to critically review a research article extracted from a professional journal using a critiquing framework. The essay will attempt to analyse and evaluate the validity and rigour of the research study and will unitise the critiquing framework for quantitative research papers devised by (Steen and Roberts, 2011, p56-57), while also taking time to reflect upon the research study’s value and influence on practice. The article ‘Women’s perception of the term ‘obstetrician’ (Kenyon, Hills, Winter, Draycott, Fox, & Siassakos, 2012) is a quantitative piece of research which has interesting perfective which could be utilised to support the undertaking of future research projects.

The aim of the research was
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Schneider, Whitehead, LoBiondo-Woo, & Haber (2012) propose that is it essential for midwives to understand research including how it is conducted and what it means for practice, in order to achieve evidence based practice (EBP). This is echoed in The Code (NMC 2008???) which outlines that midwives have a duty to women they care for. Midwives need to care for them using the most up-to-date evidence available the time.
A publication can be judged in a number of ways. A rigorous selection procedure for publication of articles, a low approval rate for manuscripts and how often the journal is cited by published scholars in other journals; (known as the impact factor). These are all influences that lead to what is seen to be a more superior journal. Consequently this means greater belief in the data present in the publication. The Institute for Scientific Information (ISI) uses statistics to calculate a journal’s ‘impact factor’, which as stated is a suggestion of the influence an article exercises on other researchers in a similar research field (Locke, Silverman, & Spirduso, 2010). Other areas that will indicate the trustworthiness of a publication is the quality of the editorial board. A good board would consist of researchers that belong to a university and who are experienced in the subject field of the journal (Locke, Silverman, & Spirduso, 2010). Many research journals have a
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