Evaluation Of A Research Methodology

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Overview of the Research Methodology
This research methodology is an action plan because the researcher is trying to create a improvement plan in her own school. This will be working with at-risk and special education students in the math classroom and ways to better serve those students using differentiated instruction and technology to help lessen the educational gaps those students have and to raise MAP scores.
Proposed Research Design
The proposed research plan will include two classrooms of at-risk and special education students math classes. Incorporating technology and researched based instruction to help increase MAP scores and student understanding. The instruments used will be pre- and post tests, MAP scores for the year, informal daily bell ringer and teacher responses. This unit will take one quarter to complete and will help in looking at further instruction in math for these students in years to come. Because of the small sampling and that it is based in one school an action methodology is the best fit.

Sampling Techniques
The sampling pool includes two sections of Math 1.5, consisting of 18 students in one class and 13 in the other. All participating students were placed in Math 1.5 by either teacher placement, MAP scores or IEP requirements. Of of the 31 students, 18 are boys and 13 are girls. The school district has a high population of Native Americans so culture is an issue in this class. Nine of the students came from the local reservation
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