Evaluation Of A Research Methodology

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Overview of the Research Methodology Provide an overview of your methodological approach. Detailed discussions will appear in later sections. Research Questions What is the effect of using new technology to teach stock investments in a personal finance class on student’s test scores and investment portfolio? Through my action research I want to be able to show that teaching students about stock investments using new technology will enhance student learning and lead to higher results on an assessment. How does the stock investment unit affect the student’s perspectives of investing in stocks? Through a survey I will find out how students perspectives change before and after the unit. How did this unit affect the likelihood that you…show more content…
Some students were enrolled in the class to meet their financial requirement, while others that have already met the requirement, and are taking the class as an elective. The students that are taking it as an elective do so for a variety of reasons. Some students plan on going into business in college or are genuinely interested in personal finance. Some students are just taking the class because their friends are taking it too or because their guidance counselors put them in the class to fill their schedule. The class is open to students in all grades, however most students are juniors or seniors. There are two freshmen, six sophomores, eighteen juniors, and twenty-eight seniors. The class is broken into two periods; one has 26 students the other has 28. There are 30 males and 24 females in the classes. The students in the class come from a wide variety of socioeconomic status. Eight students in the class are on the free and reduced lunch program. The districts average is about 20%, so the classes in this study are about 6% below the district average. The district does not have information on student’s family wealth, several students in the class live in wealthier neighborhoods. In the classes there are 4 students that have IEP plans. Most of these plans allow for additional testing time. Two of the students have the option to take
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